New video: Alexandre Rosado talks about Education and Technology in literature in Portuguese

Sharing the next video in the series of tasters of the e-Book Education and Technology: critical approaches, today we bring Alexandre Rosado, who talks about the chapter entitled ‘Education and Technology in online academic literature in Portuguese‘, written in collaboration with myself and Jaciara Carvalho.

The chapter is an outcome of a careful literature survey and analysis conducted in 2016 specifically for the e-Book, having also the aim of creating a text we could use with students that need to produce literature reviews for projects, dissertations and theses.

This has been a particularly complex piece of writing to produce, not only because we’re three authors with reasonably different perspectives, experiences and styles but, mainly, because we didn’t want the result merely to denounce problems. Yes, there may problems with the literature in the area (and not only in Portuguese), but an important aspect of any approach that presents itself as ‘critical’ in any conception is to discuss alternatives, in addition to avoiding binaries and unfounded value judgments. I’m not sure we were completely successful in this, but we certainly – and bravely – tried!

So, here is Alexandre (audio in Portuguese, subtitles in English):

The chapter is relatively long (methodological details, in particular, take some space, but we allowed ourselves this freedom thinking of the possible uses that might be made of the text by/with researchers in training) and discusses several other issues, but Alexandre managed to raise some essential points.

So, we hope students and colleagues find the chapter useful not only as a ‘picture’, albeit limited, of our area, but also as an ‘example’, albeit imperfect, for surveys of related literature. We will be most grateful for feedback!

Click here to download the complete e-Book.

Click on the links that follow to download the chapter in Portuguese e in English.


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